About NewsUndies

NewsUndies is a weekly web show which pokes at the News Media, Politicians, Religous leaders and lay people, Celebrities, and basically anything else that fits into one of two main categories of stories:

  1. Stories with little or no intrinsic importance, on which the News Media and/or General Public spend far too much time and attention.
  2. Stories about events which should never have happened in the first place, if we were all decent, fair-minded human beings.

Basically, if you see a news story that makes you embarrassed to be in the same species as the subject or reporter of the story, then you're enjoying news that shouldn't be news.

The Origins of NewsUndies (as told by Paul Tourville)

Back in 2009, I wanted to finally get into doing video production. I wanted to have a project that had a cycle to it, something that I could keep working at and incrementally improving. I thought briefly about doing something comedic or dramatic, but I knew that I was (and still am) bad at organizing and motivating people to be involved with something, so anything I was going to do would have to be a "one man show".

I began writing blog posts (the earliest I can find was February 4, 2009) with summaries of wacky real-news stories, and eventually, I bought an iMac, and started reading my summaries into the iSight camera, and cutting the mistakes out in iMovie.

After 5 days of producing 3-5 minute videos every day before work, I realized I couldn't go on that way... I was doing five or so hours every morning to produce a 5-minute video. It seemed that I was onto something good from the standpoint of a project that I could keep coming back to and making incremental improvements, and where there would be an inexhaustible well of inspiriation for writing.

I backed away from the project for a bit, and developed a format and some graphics, bought a desk, and generally set myself up to do regular production.

The first NewsUndies video of the modern era was released on April 24, 2009, my personal YouTube channel. That continued, until the first NewsUndies video was posted to a dedicated channel on YouTube, on May 29, 2009.

Since then, NewsUndies has gone through many changes, in format, scheduling, equipment, style, and so on... but the core has always been there: All the news that shouldn't be news.

What is NewsUndies about? Well, that's certainly a question. NewsUndies is a bunch of things.

NewsUndies is, as of April, 2009, written, presented, and edited by Paul Tourville.

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