NewsUndies Who's Who

Paul Tourville | Pig | Sheep | Moose Weintraub

Paul Tourville - The NewsUndies Anchor.
Paul is a long-time observer of current events, and generator of unusual opinions. He's been busting the funky dope on NewsUndies since 2009. Paul is the principle write, researcher, Anchor, On-A-Scene reporter, graphic artist, software engineer, editor, camera operator, sound dude, set and lighting designer, coffee acheiver, and all-around-swell-guy for NewsUndies.

Pig - NewsUndies Commentator.
Pig is NewsUndies' Progressive commentator. Pig chooses not to publically pronounce any affiliation to any organized religious institution. While some on the "Right" see this a liability, Pig prefers to see this as a private matter. Pig strongly favors keeping church and state separate, and erring on the side of equitable individual rights.

Sheep - NewsUndies Commentator.
Sheep is NewsUndies' Conservative commentator. Sheep wears his Christian faith on his sleeve (and his face, and his car.. and his house... ) Sheep is not shy about attributing his well-being and prosperity to Jesus. ...whatever that means. Somehow, Sheep often comes close to saying rational things, and then revels himself to be completely out of touch with reality.

Moose Weintraub - The NewsUndies Sports Guy.
Moose Weintraub is NewsUndies' sportscaster. Moose has an affinity for obscure sports. Everyone talks about football and basketball... who's talking about Extreme Ironing?! Moose Weintraub! That's who!