Submit a Story Tip! Guidelines

What you say:

We thought long and hard about this. We seriously considered making this as hard as could be. Really. In the end, laziness prevailed. Here's what you do: There are two places for you to write - A "you" space, and a "what you say" space.

In the "you" space, you can put in your actual name, or email address, or a gaming handle you go by... something so we can credit you at the end of the show. You are free to remain anonymous, but if you would like to be credited, put that name here.

In the "what you say" space, put your story tip. You have 250 characters. Go nuts. It can be a URL to a website, or a description of that you saw, or whatever, just remember: 250 characters. We're going to assume that your submission is intended for "the next show" based on when you post it.